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Position your service business as "the only logical choice"

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Dear friend, welcome!

I'm Colin Campbell, a publisher and marketer from Montreal, Quebec.

I understand how hard it can be running a service business. 

Uneducated prospects treat us like they are shopping for groceries. "How much do you charge?" is an all-too-common question that leaves us competing on price alone -- the kiss of death to our profits and sustainability.

In order to escape this commoditization, we need marketing assets (like a book) to differentiate ourselves from competitors and be more profitable.

Books are MAGIC! They're a perfect way to utilize all the "psychological buyer triggers" in marketing: authority, reciprocity, consistency, scarcity, social proof, and likability.

That's what Formula Publisher™ helps you do: publish your book and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche -- enabling you to get better quality leads and clients, while increasing your profit, and repelling people who are unfit for your offers.

But don't take my word for it: allow me to PROVE it to you....

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