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Write Your First (or Next) Book in 21 Days, or Less, Without Previous Copywriting Skills

BookDoneIn21 is an online workshop and twenty-one-day challenge that helps you produce your first (or next) book in 21 days or less.

The quality of your relationships, the home you live in, and the amount of free time you have -- comes down to the business you build... and your book is one of the greatest assets to grow your business...

The Next "Book Done in 21" Challenge Starts on...

Join The Challenge Now For A One-Time "COVID19 Discounted Payment" Of Only $147

From: Colin Campbell
Where: Montréal, Québec

Dear friend ,

Imagining having your first (or next) book ready to publish before October is over.

… and what if you were guaranteed to complete it, or you’d pay nothing?

First, let’s define something important: 


THE HUGE BENEFITS: Why Being an Author is One of The Most Intelligent and Informed Money-Making Opportunities RIGHT NOW:

Certainly: there are lots of potential FINANCIAL BENEFITS.

Yet, perhaps the most important benefit you will absolutely get by becoming an author is the IMPACT you create for others.

You are going to get YOUR MESSAGE into the mind and heart of anyone who reads your book. 

That's where you leave a legacy, long after your life, which is priceless.

Before I share MY GOAL with you for the upcoming ‘Book Done In 21’ Challenge… Let me ask you a few questions…

Please Check All Of The Questions Where

Your Answer Is "YES!"

If you answered “yes!” to any one of the questions above, I’d like to invite you to join the ‘Book Done in 21’ challenge – and completely change the way you approach book-writing and authorship.

A Unique Method For Getting a High-Quality Book Done,


In case we don’t know each other:

I’m Colin Campbell. Some of my clients call me The Author's Author, because over the last six years, I have personally published, and promoted over twenty-five books... for other business owners, without my name on their material.

My clients are successful, talented, and super busy entrepreneurs who hire me, and now my team (from $5,000 to $25,000) to get their words out of their head, into their book, and out to the world.

Those years of “in-the-trenches” experience led me to develop a unique publishing system. I turned that system into a curriculum others can use to publish their books too.

So, ALL the material you’ll receive as a part of the Book Done In 21 Challenge is based on direct application, not theory.

PLUS: by offering this challenge to you in "group format", instead of one-on-one service... 

... you're able to get my system at a significantly lower price than working together one-on-one.

So, here's how the challenge works...

BookDoneIn21 is an online workshop and twenty-one-day challenge that helps business owners like you produce your first (or next) book in 21 days or less. 

When you join Book Done In 21, here’s what you get…

21 Days of Authorship Lessons from Colin Campbell
Value: $997

These are short, concise, easy-to-follow video lessons you’ll receive to your inbox every day of the challenge.

You’ll get clear instructions on exactly what to do each day.

These videos reveal how to clarify your thoughts, simplify your vast experience into compelling language, and get your stories and content out of your head and onto the page.

Also, these lessons will make you a better writer and communicator in ALL other areas too, online and offline. So, whether you’re thinking of writing an email, a social media post, or even a love letter to that special someone: your discoveries will help you to stand out with more compelling linguistics.

The Step-By-Step Implementor Workbook & Resources
Value: $297

Each day of The Book Done In 21 Challenge, you’ll receive simple tasks that you’ll complete in order to get your book done.The BDI21 Challenge Implementor Workbook will be by your side to accompany that day’s video training (From Day 1 through Day 21).

When you open the workbook, you’ll discover the pages are connected to EACH day of the Challenge! Each work-page includes:

Live, Interactive Q&A Sessions 
Value: $1,497

These exclusive sessions are designed to help you get absolutely clear on your messaging, your book’s structure, and get the answer to your questions. Bring your written material for review, critiques, and feedback. 

Stay totally immersed and engaged during challenge, with added accountability and insights you’ll gain from your fellow authors.

Special Bonus #2:
Edit/Export Template Gifts

Value: $47

The Internal (Microsoft Word) Templates: make your words look beautiful. Simply take your manuscript -- the one you’ll complete in our challenge together -- place those words in the template, and export. Done! The Cover Files: Get my "Break Through" Cover file. Change the title, subtitle, the description, and export. You're done! These are a massive time-saver.

Special Bonus #3:
The Freelancer Hiring Funnel
Value: $997

If you don't want to write your book all on your own... if you'd prefer, instead, to hire someone to do the writing for you... There are two options.

One: our company, Formula Publisher, does this. As I mentioned this before, our investment fees range from $10,000 to $20,000, and may be out of your price-range.

So, what if I show you the exact process we use at Formula Publisher to find, qualify, and hire talented writers, editors, and creatives?

Here's WHY this bonus is worth well over $997 on its own: Hiring the wrong freelancer can ending up costing you months of your time, and losing your investment if they fail to deliver.

This hiring funnel is something we developed after too many bad hires. Frankly, you're learning from our mistakes.

You will be able R&D this funnel (rip-off and duplicate) to hire some of the best writers and editors for affordable rates.

In Summary, Here’s Everything You Get:

Total value: $3,434

Today: Only $147!

Also, why don’t you put me to the test?

Allow me to place any and all risk on my shoulders.

When you join the Book Done in 21 challenge, it also comes with our…

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Follow the instructions you receive in the Book Done in 21 Challenge, and if you do not complete (at minimum) 10,000-word book (manuscript) in 21 days or less, I will give you all your money back.

The only thing I ask of you is this: USE THE MATERIAL 

Watch the lesson videos, fill in the twenty-one-day workbook, follow my simple instructions, and attend the Q&A sessions.

I'll give you everything I've got. The only thing I ask is that you participate 100% with me.

Is that fair?



When You Join The "Book Done in 21" Challenge Today...

If you want to get your book complete and ready for publishing so you can use it as The Ultimate Marketing Tool, then this is the mission we’re giving you...

You have 21 Days, starting October 1st...


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